... a step by step guide.


We offer a solution that gives you have total peace of mind. We take responsibility for making sure you have working equipment and the correct amount of fogging grade antibacterial boicide to suit your needs.

All you need to do is select the plan to suit you and hit “subscribe”. If you don’t see the plan you’d like, contact us and we’ll build one!

Choose a Fogger

Choose a fogger that suits you. If you need assistance with this just give us a call.

We offer both thermal and wet fogging equipment and our fogging grade antibacterial disinfectant solutions are all tested to BS EN1276, BS EN14476 and BS EN1650.

We include PPE and Point of Sale information with all of our subscription plans to help our customers reassure their customers/staff that they are undertaking adequate sanitisation on their premises.

Need help deciding? Get in touch!

Select a Plan

Select your plan by choosing a plan length and your cleaning volume requirements.

We’ve built a range of standard plans, ranging from Rolling Monthly to 12 months commitment and 100 – 500 cleans per month. Can't see a plan to suit your needs? Looking for more volume or a longer term?

Contact us on 03301 332 532 or and we'll build one to meet your needs.

Alternatively, complete our enquiry form and we'll call you back.


Once you’ve selected your machine(s) and plan(s) and completed the sign-up process, we’ll aim to have your machine and starter pack out to you within 2 business days via free of charge delivery.

We include full instructions for use, advice on how to use our Point of Sale information media and a logo and link to for your website so you can reassure your followers that you’re taking their safety seriously.

We offer full 24/7 technical support and a no quibble replacement guarantee.


Contrary to what many businesses would have you believe, fogging is a safe and easy DIY process requiring basic PPE and common sense. There is no need for full body suits, just a suitable mask, goggles, gloves and proper preparation. It is a fast, simple and very effective way to sanitise most enclosed areas and can be undertaken by responsible adults by following basic instructions.


Prepare by adding solution to the fogging machine, ensuring the area is clear of people/animals and closing all doors and windows.


Switch the device on and allow the fog to fill the space. The machine will switch off automatically when complete.


Sanitisation is now complete. Wait 20 minutes for best results and until fog has cleared. Remove the device.